Training and Workshops

The SA Publication Forum presents corporate training on a regular basis to improve the skills of industrial journalists and communication practitioners.

Companies are welcome to contact the Forum with specific training needs. We will gladly tailor a course and present it in-house.

Basic Publication Workshop:

This two-day workshop focuses on the basics you need to know to create winning corporate publications.

Venue: Accolades Conference Centre, 72 Dale Road, President Park, Midrand

(Easy access via the Gautrain)

Price: R2800-00

Basic Publication Workshop –
Course outline


Day 1:

  • Killer communication

    In this section we focus on what every employee wants to know and what should be contained in a newsletter in order to make it an effective communication tool. We consider the modern employee, as well as the communication objectives of the company and those of the editor.

  • Gathering gripping news and inventive interviews

    News forms the backbone of any employee communication. In this section we look at news, how newsletter news differs from mass communication news and how to gather news, with interviews as an integral point of discussion.

  • Writing the right stuff

    Writing punchy headlines, captions and introductions is a skill that you can learn. Get to grips with the basics and see what constitutes good writing through many examples.

  • Introducing the basics of electronic publication

    Companies are increasingly moving away from print towards e-publications, which are often more cost-effective and suit the needs of busy readers. Here we examine the advantages and disadvantages of an e-publication, the e-newsletter as part of a company’s communication mix, how people read on screen, how to write copy, use graphics and do the layout for an e-publication.


Day 2:

  • Drop-down gorgeous design and layout

    This section deals with the basics of good design and layout. Even though you don’t do layout or publication design yourself, it is important to know what you should look out for when confronted with the work of professional designers. This section is amply illustrated with examples of good and not-so-good design and layout practices.

  • Phenomenal photography

    Here you learn how to set up photographs for your publication that are both fresh and add to the communication messages you wish to convey. Aspects such a light, composition, tools and more are covered in an interactive session.

  • Editing excellence

    Editing skills go hand-in-hand with good writing. Learn the basics of editing and do an exercise to test your skills.

  • Editorial policy and publication management

    Discover what constitutes effective editorial policy and get organised with basic publication management skills.

  • You show me yours and I’ll show you mine

    The facilitators discus the design, communication and writing aspects of your publication.

Please contact us if you are interested to attend the next course
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