What is a corporate publication?

For the purpose of this competition, a corporate publication is broadly defined as follows:
A corporate publication is a publication (printed. electronic or DVD) aimed at communicating with internal or external publics of an organisation or institution. They are usually not for sale to the general public and include publications such as staff newsletters, magazines aimed at shareholders, Internet and Intranet publications, DVD newsletters and the like. Please refer to the categories to see where your publication fits in. One-off publications and annual reports can also be entered.

The competition currently caters for the following categories:

  • Newspapers
  • Internal magazines (Categories A and B)
  • External magazines (Categories A and B)
  • Internal newsletters
  • External newsletters
  • One-off publications
  • Annual reports
  • DVDs
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Digital publications
  • Innovative corporate communication (such as apps)
  • Corporate websites
  • Editor of the year

Awards are also made for:

  • Best publication with a smaller budget
  • Best publication innovation
  • Best headlines
  • Best publication cover
  • Most improved publication since the previous competition