Judging criteria

All the publications are assessed and moderated by experts in the various fields. Note that the judges consider your available budget and the professional support you receive in producing the publication.


Judges assess your writing in terms of language usage, the originality, punch and applicability of headlines, captions and introductions. Due consideration is given to general style, identity and structure of articles.


The judges ask the following questions, among others:

  • What is the general image of the organisation, as portrayed by the publication?
  • Do the articles and reports reflect the publication’s objectives?
  • How original, appropriate and newsworthy are the articles?
  • Is there a balance between long and short, light-hearted and serious articles and corporate and other news?
  • Does the publication consider the target audience in terms of language, culture and educational background?
  • Does the publication invite reader participation?
  • Annual reports and one-offs are judged according to specific communication criteria applicable to these media.

Design and page layout

The following factors, among others, are taken into account:

  • Are the major design elements used to attract the reader into the article?
  • Does the layout contribute to the understanding of the article and its message?
  • Does the layout and design make the page more accessible?
  • How does the layout artist use contrast, emphasis, balance, repetition, proportion, typeface and colour?
  • Does the publication have an original style and personality?


The judges consider the following:

  • General technical quality of photographs
  • Creative use of photographs
  • Composition
  • Cropping
  • Do the photographs contribute to the messages?

Electronic publications

Electronic publications are also judged in terms of writing, layout (including the use of graphics and photographs) and communication. The user-friendliness of the publication and its navigation are also be assessed.

Corporate websites

Corporate websites are judged on general image, user-friendliness, navigation, regular updates of information, knowledge of the target audience and writing.

DVD newsletters and corporate DVDs

These are assessed in terms of script, technical qualities such as photography, lighting, editing, sound, presentation and communication.

Annual reports and one-offs

These are assessed on applicability of language, layout and communication for the publics who are addressed. In annual reports, the reporting of financial results also receive special attention.

Editor of the year

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