Jedrie Harmse

Director: Publications and Photography

Jedrie is an award winning designer and has a National Diploma in Journalism from The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) and a certificate in graphic design from the Pretoria School of Graphic Design. He has been in the publications business for over 25 years, fulfilling a variety of roles: editor, writer, manager, designer and photographer. As owner of Chilli Communication Consultants he also fulfills various duties in the marketing needs of clients such as brand development, brand management, below-the-line advertising and the development of communication strategies and products.

He was previously the editor of industry publications at AgriSA, and the editor and chief liaison officer of Potatoes South Africa. He was also head of Corporate Communication of Potatoes South Africa. He is currently the editor and owner of an agricultural magazine Ons Eie. Apart from his design skills, he is also a professional photographer. Jedrie lectured in Photography for journalists at TUT.