Competition Categories

Entries will be divided into categories. These are guidelines only. If you are unsure in which category you should enter, please contact the competition co-ordinators. Should your publication be entered in the wrong category, the competition co-ordinators will place it in the right category after discussing the matter with you.

The following categories will be judged:

The competition currently caters for the following categories:

  • Newspapers
  • Internal magazines (Categories A and B)
  • External magazines (Categories A and B)
  • Internal newsletters
  • External newsletters
  • One-off publications
  • Annual reports
  • DVDs
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Digital publications
  • Corporate websites
  • Editor of the year

Awards are also made for:

  • Best publication with a smaller budget
  • Best publication innovation
  • Best headlines
  • Best publication cover
  • Most improved publication since the previous competition