SA Publication Forum’s Corporate Publication Competition
Results – 2017

Results will be available on 28 September 2017 @ 13:00

The SA Publication Forum is a platform for uniting corporate publication practitioners to network and share information. We strive to enhance the standard of corporate journalism in South Africa.

The Forum has been organising the annual Corporate Publication Competition since 2002 and in our 16th year, you have entrusted us with your publications to judge, to give feedback on and to award. This is a brave step, because it takes courage to put your hard work up for scrutiny.

This year we received more than 150 entries. Print publications still make up the lion’s share of entries, but in the high tech categories, including e-newsletters, digital publications, publication innovation and websites we have experienced a distinct increase in submissions. Worldwide trends show that print is definitely not dead, but we appreciate that there is innovation in this industry that has revitalised the corporate journalism space.

We wish to welcome a host of new entries. We have also seen the return of publications that took a break of several years but have returned to make their mark – sometimes with a new editor on board.

Some of the regular entrants will find that their marks differ quite radically from last year. Judging the publications is not an exact science. What one judge finds appealing, another might dislike. We hope, however, that the process of judging and using moderators to verify the results adds to an overall standard and that the editors find the judges’ comments useful and constructive.

It is clear that editors take the judges’ comments very seriously and strive to improve their publications year after year. Obviously, then, the competition is meeting its main objective: to improve the standard of corporate publications in South Africa.

A special thanks goes to our competent and hard-working judges and moderators, all of whom have spent many hours judging the publications. We really appreciate your time and expertise.

Publications were judged in terms of writing, communication, design and photography in the following categories:

  • Newspapers
  • Newsletters
  • Internal magazines (Categories A and B)
  • External magazines (Categories A and B)
  • One-off publications
  • Annual reports
  • DVDs
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Digital publications
  • Corporate websites
  • Publication innovation
  • The best publication with limited resources
  • The best front cover and headlines
  • South Africa’s best corporate publication; and finally
  • Editor of the year
Publications that achieved more than 75% in the categories of writing, communication, design and photography received certificates of merit.
Certificates for finalists in the different categories have also placed in the feedback pack. This year we will only call the second runners-up, the runners-up and the winners to come to the front.
Trophies were also awarded to the best publication in each category.
The publication with the most appealing cover received the Loretta Steyn Award.
A certificate is awarded to the publication with the best headlines.
A trophy was awarded for the best overall corporate publication of 2016.
Awards were presented to the editor of the year and to the two runners-up.