SA Publication Forum’s Corporate Publication Competition
Results – 2016

This year we have received the most entries ever in the SA Publication Forum’s 15 years of existence – an impressive 160 entries. Over and above the print and e-publications, annual reports, one-offs, DVDs and websites entered, last year saw a new category emerge – that of innovative corporate communication tools such as apps and portals; that of the Best Publication Innovation. Entries into this category have grown substantially.

We wish to welcome a host of new entries. The publication industry is growing and competition is fierce among industry players.  We have seen an exceptional growth in the external magazine categories, both in the number of entries and the money spent on publications. We hope that companies invest as much resources in their internal audiences as they do in their external target markets. We have reassessed the budgets to distinguish between Categories A and B, both in the internal and external magazines. This means that a publication that was deemed a category B or lower budget publication last year may have moved to the higher budget category A.

It seems as if the conventional printed newsletter is a dying breed and therefore we have combined internal and external newsletters into one category this year.

Another trend is that even though the quality of e-publications has improved, it seems as if print is still very much the first choice when it comes to communicating with both external and internal audiences.

It is clear that editors take the judges’ comments very seriously and strive to improve their publications year after year. Obviously, then, the competition is meeting one of its objectives: to improve the standard of corporate publications in South Africa.

A special thanks goes to our competent and hard-working judges and moderators, all of whom have spent many hours judging the publications. We really appreciate your time and expertise.

The SA Publication Forum mourns the loss of a dear friend and stalwart judge and moderator. Louise Emerton passed away in July and she will be sorely missed for her competence, her in-depth knowledge of corporate publications and het lovely and easing-going demeanour. Louise had a soft spot for publications that excel on a small budget and that is why we will in future name this category after her.

Publications were judged in terms of writing, communication, design and photography in the following categories:

  • Newspapers
  • Internal magazines (Categories A and B)
  • External magazines (Categories A and B)
  • Newsletters
  • External newsletters
  • One-off publications
  • Annual reports
  • DVDs
  • Electronic Newsletters
  • Digital publications
  • Corporate website
  • The best publication with a smaller budget
  • The best publication innovation
  • South Africa’s best corporate publication; and
  • Editor of the year
Publications that achieved more than 75% in the categories of writing, communication, design and photography received certificates of merit.
A certificate was awarded to the best achiever in each category, across writing, communication and design.
Trophies were also awarded to the best publication in each category.
The publication with the most appealing cover received the Loretta Steyn Award.
A certificate is awarded to the publication with the best headlines.
A trophy was awarded for the best overall corporate publication of 2016.
Awards were presented to the editor of the year and to the two runners-up.