Editor of the Year 2014

The editor of the year competition aims to award corporate editors who make an exceptional contribution to their companies’ communication strategies.

The judges considered not only the quality of the entrants’ publications but also their workload and their general contribution to communication in their companies. Each of our finalists produced publications of an exceptional standard, above and beyond extensive additional responsibilities within their companies.

The finalists for Editor of the Year 2014 are:

  • Helen van der Rede, Old Mutual
  • Viljoen van Niekerk, Metropolitan
  • Juliet Styles, Old Mutual
  • Madeleen Welman, Herschel Girls School
  • Annalize Brynard, The Department of Education, University of Pretoria

The Winners

Viljoen van Niekerk, Metropolitan (Editor of the Year)
Juliet Styles, Old Mutual (runner-up)
Helen van der Rede, Old Mutual (2nd runner-up)

Viljoen v Niekerk

Viljoen v Niekerk (Editor of the Year)

Juliet Styles

Juliet Styles (runner-up)

Helen van der Rede

Helen van der Rede (2nd runner-up)