SA Publication Forum’s Corporate Publication Competition
Results – 2013

Close on 140 publications, electronic publications and DVDs were entered this year. We were delighted to see so many world-class publications this year and are amazed that several of our top publications continue to find room for improvement. Welcome to the many new publications that were entered this year.

Trends this year are that:

  • DVD entries more than doubled.
  • To keep up with the rapidly changing electronic publication landscape, we split this category to include electronic newsletters, as well as digital publications.  There are now trophies for both of these categories. Entries in these categories have also doubled.
  • This year saw a huge increase in the Internal Magazine category and consequently we split it into a category A and category B, as we have done previously with the external magazine category. We made the split based on budget and size and will allocate trophies accordingly.
  • We have a couple of new judges on board and this means that your publications were assessed by fresh eyes. This could mean that marks could be lower than in previous years.

Publications were judged in terms of writing, communication, design and photography in the following categories:

  • Newspapers
  • Internal magazines (Categories A and B)
  • External magazines (Categories A and B)
  • Internal newsletters
  • External newsletters
  • One-off publications
  • Annual reports
  • DVD newsletters and corporate DVDs
  • Electronic publications
  • Digital publications
  • The best corporate website
  • The best publication with a smaller budget
  • South Africa’s best corporate publication; and
  • Editor of the year
Publications that achieved more than 75% in the categories of writing, communication, and design and photography received certificates of merit.
A certificate was awarded to the best achiever in each category, across writing, communication and design.
Trophies were also awarded to the best publication in each category.
A certificate was awarded to the most improved publication and to the best cover.
A trophy was awarded for the best overall corporate publication of 2013.
Awards were presented to the editor of the year and to the two runners-up.